Morocco is situated in Northern Africa and is characterised by rugged mountains, large deserts and a lengthy coastline. The capital is Rabat. However, the largest city is Casablanca. With a population of more than 33 million people, it is distinguished by its Berber, Arabian and European cultural influences. Islam is the main religion and Arabic, Berber and French are widely spoken languages.

The combination of spectacularly different scenery and interesting mix of cultures makes Morocco a fascinating country to visit. The cuisine is a fusion of Moorish, European and Mediterranean. Spices are used extensively with bread and couscous both staples in the Moroccan diet. Be sure to try atai, a mint tea commonly consumed in Morocco.

Morocco is also a shopper’s paradise, particularly the souks of Marrakesh. Small alleys of interesting and unique shops selling everything from slippers, tassels, rugs, leather bags, silver lamps,  pottery and more. It is possible to wander the souks in Morocco for days and still discover something new.

Tourism is Morocco’s second largest source of income with more than 11 million international tourists in 2017. 20% of those tourists are French with a large number of other European visitors also choosing to visit Morocco.

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