As I write this blog post, our tours are postponed due to the Coronavirus. Now is a great opportunity to learn more about Morocco. It has a rich history and culture and you can prepare for your tour by reading some of these books

1. Orange Blossom & Honey – food is a great way to learn about the culture and this fabulous book is no exception. Lovely photos and a map make it a great coffee table book too.

2. Women Artisans of Morocco – a fabulous insight into life of rural women in Morocco. You’ll gain an understanding of the traditional crafts and the changing environment for younger women in Morocco.

3. Marrakesh by Design – If you enjoy interior design, be sure to grab this book. It’s a fabulous guide to colours, patterns and decorating Moroccan style. The book is written by Maryam Montague, who together with her architect husband, built and manage Peacock Pavilions, Marrakesh.

4. The Caliph’s House – This is the story of a British family and their decision to purchase and restore a riad in Casablanca.

5. A House in Fes – Another riad restoration adventure. This time it’s an Australian lady who restores a riad in Fes. Both of these riad restorations will have more meaning once you’ve visited Morocco and seen the amazing architecture and detail with your own eyes. I really enjoyed both books.

We are hoping our tours to Morocco will resume in 2021. In the meantime, I’ll be trying new Moroccan recipes and updating this post with more great books to read.