On my recent trip to India I visited the village of Bagru to see the process of block printing. Sadly this tradition is being replaced by screen printing in many areas of India. 

Typically block printing is done by men who have passed the techniques down through generations. The stamping is done by sight and with amazing precision. Each colour is stamped individually to create the finished pattern.

 Vegetable and mineral dyes were traditionally used to colour fabrics. However, this is changing over time.

 This is the indigo vat. The fabric is immersed for about 30 seconds before being removed to dry in the sun. 

 After the fabric has dried in the sun for up to 3 days, it is boiled in a bath of alum to ensure it is colourfast. Families tend to specialise in one aspect of the process; bleaching, printing, drying etc

Paisley is a traditional design of India and a personal favourite of mine.

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