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We believe in nurturing your inner explorer. You’ve been a tourist before – it’s time to venture into local markets and neighbourhoods and plunge yourself into unapologetic adventure. You’ll sample local delicacies and experience local culture – unfiltered.

 Tour guides

Moroccan man standing in front of blue door

Mohamed – Morocco

Mohamed has been working as a tour guide for the past sixteen years. He is passionate about ensuring guests have a wonderful time in Morocco.

As an ocean lover, his favourite city is Essaouira.

In his spare time, Mohamed enjoys watching his favourite football team, Barcelona.

India man standing in arch of marble door

Imran – India

Imran has worked in the tourism industry for the past fifteen years.

He in a Jaipur local and knows the city inside out and is well connected in the textile industry.

Imran has a fabulous sense of humour and will ensure you are well looked after in India.

Why Choose Us?

Safe and stress-free.
Experienced local guides.
Authentic experiences (always!)
Culture-rich itineraries.
Structured flexibility.
Hand-picked boutique accommodation.



  • Access to clean drinking water is a fundamental human right. That’s why we donate a portion of every tour fee to Charity Water.
  • We support local communities by employing local tour guides, accommodation providers, tuk-tuk drivers and visiting co-operatives.
  • We prioritise authenticity by carefully selecting traditional crafts and artisans. Our explorers visit shops offering genuine, hand-made goods rather than mass-produced imitations.