Let’s face it, our mobile phones have become almost as important as our passports when we travel. We use them to take photos, get directions, find the best place to eat, shop and even where the closest toilet is.

Here are my top 6 free travel apps.

1. Currency Convertor

This app is my all-time favourite and I could not travel without it. It provides up-to-date exchange rates for over 160 currencies. It can be used offline too.

2. WhatsApp

This app is the communication life-line for travellers. It allows you to message, phone and video call free. You can also send photos and documents.

3. Trip Advisor

I hesitate to add this to my list as you can now pay to promote. This should be taken into consideration when looking at the rankings. I use this app as a starting point to research things to do in each destination. 

4. Skyscanner

I use this app to research flights. I then book with my travel agent or direct with the airline. 

5. Flightaware

This app allows you to track your flight to ensure it is on time. It’s handy and allows you to prepare ahead for potential delays.

6. Google Translate

To be honest, I rarely need this app much but it’s a handy one to have. It allows you to translate text, handwriting and speech of more than 100 languages. 

These are a few of my favourite apps. I hope they help when you next travel. Pin this on your Pinterest travel board!